Difficulties with Renting – Why finding a roommate is necessary?


Renting an apartment can be compromising on stuff you don’t want to but aside from this, the price renters pay for an apartment can be the biggest disadvantage of renting a choice space you can call your own.

However, the price is just one of the difficulties experienced by renters across the globe from tiny and old ages furniture and spaces, to odd painting styles and one-too-many adjustments you can’t handle, the problems associated with renting an apartment are:

You can’t change the space

Most landlords are so strict with changes that you just have to accept the yellow paint walls in the living room and a green kitchen. Despite this disadvantage, use interior décor to cover the things you don’t like to add your personality to space.

Agency fees

How many times has agency fees deter you from paying from an apartment; you are definitely not alone? Agency fees range from anything contract cost, administrative cost, damage cost, and others depending on the agent or landlord they are working for.

Spaces are never large enough

If you live or work in the city, getting an apartment large enough is like finding a needle in a haystack. The usual spaces are small, not properly balanced and never sufficient natural light even when the windows are opened.

The kitchen is an eyesore

Aside from the kitchen been too small in most cases, there is never enough storage space, and the tiles are broken, the appliances are never in good working conditions, etc.

You can change this by adding more storage if you are staying for a long time; change the tiles with wooden panels or wallpaper, add bright, fun and prints to space. 

Noisy and uncaring neighbors

When you live in a rented apartment,  eavesdropping neighbors and loud neighbors are a few of the problems renters deal with, but you go breaking down their door; make an investigation of who your potential neighbors are and what they do before you pay for it.

No parking space

If you are mobile, then parking space can be an issue most renters face; renting a condo is a choice, but the rent money is something that will blow the roof which is not what most renters can afford.

The above are some of the problems faced by renters, but if you want to live in an apartment that suits your style and personality, you will need someone to share the bills and fees around. You need a roommate.

Why roommates are important to renters?

If you are struggling with money, and have an extra space in your apartment, you may need a roommate to help you out. 

A roommate reduces the rent, lowers the cost of groceries, and helps with the chores around the apartment.

However with all the advantages of having a roommate, here are some tips to choosing a roommate that will help you out.

Inform your landlord or talk to someone who knows about roommates

This may sound crazy, but never take the sole decision of leasing part of your space alone. A second eye can see what you missed and call your attention to it.

Furthermore, if you are leaving in a new area away from home, know the laws regarding leasing an already rented apartment to avoid any trouble with the law.

Investigate the potential roommate

Just as landlords investigate their tenants, do your own investigation too. Don’t just search for them on social media, do a full background check on the new person.

Don’t share too much during an interview

Interview the new roommate before taking them in, in addition, don’t share too many information about yourself or be too open. 

Avoid making decisions immediately, tell them to drop their contact, and you will reach back if all is okay with you.

For security purposes, meet the new roommate in a public place say over tea/coffee or at a café if possible to avoid putting your life at risk.

Set the Rules 

Never be too nice just because you are both sharing the fees of the apartment. 

One person has to be boss, so state the rules before they come in. You should also have the rules and other regulations written down with all signatures appended on in the presence of a lawyer and a witness.

Choose someone that completes you

If you are going to be sharing your life with a stranger, then they should complete you in all ramifications. 

This will give you a sense of belonging and make both of your friends faster than just roommates.

Ask for a Month’s Rent

When you have made the decision on a roommate, ask for a month’s rent to cover minor expenses and give them the low down on what bills you are sharing and those that are personal.

Have a Backup Plan

Roommates can be difficult even the nice ones as renting a space or getting a place to rent is hard.

So to avoid such a situation, always have a backup plan that can exit your roommate when you don’t need them anymore.

This will help you secure yourself and belongings in the near future for unscrupulous individuals.

Tools to help with renting and choosing a Roommate

With technology evolving the rental industry, most renters don’t seek the services of agents when looking for a space to rent.

In fact, mobile phones have been closing apartment deal for ages.

However, sometimes calling for an apartment can be very daunting as we are busy hustling for the day. 

To help you with the process of finding the right apartment or the best roommates here is an app that does the work for you,

All you need is to download it on your phone, and with a click, you get the latest listing for rental spaces, and if you seek a roommate, you don’t have to worry much again.

Renting an apartment is not a day’s job, but with the following app, we have taken the stress off your shoulders, and make renting easy, safe and secure.

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