Off-campus housing, room rental and sublets for Canadian and international students in Montreal


Why you should live off-campus

There’s a decent shot that getting off grounds will spare you cash, particularly in the event that you have flat mates. On the off chance that you live alone, you probably won’t spare anything, yet part lease with a couple of flat mates will doubtlessly spare you some money.

Most dormitories accompany a protracted rundown of standards like no pets, no candles, marking in your visitors, and holding fast to calm hours. Not exclusively do these standards exist, you’ll presumably have an inhabitant colleague (RA) ensuring you tail them.

There are loads of decisions for lofts and the measure of room you need. You can get condos with individual rooms and washrooms for everybody, you may almost certainly browse diverse designs, and pick where you need the loft to be (possibly you need to be near a lift or perhaps you need to be on the principal floor).

What to think of when living off-campus

As you begin searching for off-grounds condos, converse with companions or cohorts who live off grounds. Make an inquiry or two for the best landowners and territories to avoid.

Remember that dissimilar to living on grounds, where you may need to pay a little store and afterward pay for lodging nearer to the semester, you will probably need to put down a security store when you sign the rent. You may even need to pay the principal month’s lease when you sign the rent, so you’ll require some money available when you discover a spot.

Begin right on time to limit your pressure and ensure you discover a spot that is inside your financial plan and one that you truly love. When it comes time to sign the rent, recall too that you may require a parent or other grown-up to co-sign your rent.

How to find off-campus apartments and rooms

This is where the fun starts. We are Piol, a company that makes it easy for you as a student to find your dream way of living using our app. It is free to download and it does not have any fees.

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