Off-campus housing/ room rental for Canadian and international students in Toronto


If you are a student looking to get a off-campus rental for a room or just housting you are at the right place.

When looking for rentals you will probably have to pay market price, but there is one paramenter rarely discussed.

When you are searching for apartments or rooms on other websites, it is not rare that they arrange it for the landlord to pay fees that you have not even though about.

Why should you care? Well if the landlord wants to make $300 a month for renting a room to a local student, and the listing service takes 20%, the landlord will in many cases put the listning price at $360 instead to cover fees.

This way, by using paid services, you are paying more than the market price for what you are getting, and so are tons of people right now.

So is there a solution? Yes. Of coruse there is. We recommend using our service that is totally free of charge, but also to look offline (yeah, scary right?) for listings in your area.

The Piol way

Here we are going to pitch ourselfs, we are honest about that. We do believe that we are your biggest chance to find a good apartment for a fair price in Toronto and that is why we do this.

We have the easiest mobile application avaliable for rentas in Toronto due to the fact that we do not even have a payment method. With us, post and done. No payment, no above market price.

To top it all of, there is not even a downside to this. Try to free right away.

The offline way

A great way to combine with Piol that is as easy is taking a walk locally. Since there are so many people wanting to rent rooms in Toronto you can not rely on the landlord to put up the listing everywhere. Often, a paper listing somewhere is all you get.

Therefore, we recommend taking your time to walk across the different places that you are willing to live in. In many cases you can find something very interesting.

You have more negotiating power and probably less people interested as well due to the fact that it is not advertised online, or might not be. Therefore is is not a replacement to looking online, but it is great to combine the two ways of looking.

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