Where to find Summer sublets and short term apartments/rooms for rent in Toronto (2019)


Regardless of whether you’re searching for a loft, or a room in a condo, to remain in for the span of an entry level position or a transitory work task, finding a sublet for the mid year is an incredible method to abstain from marking and breaking a year rent. The accompanying sites give a lot of choices to finding a sublet.

  1. Piol

Piol is hands down the easiest way for you to find your dram sublet or short term apartment here in Toronto. It is so easy that it might be scary, but do not be afraid: we know what we are doing.

Did we forget to mention that our service is free? Not only for you but also for the landlord. This in short means lower priced rentals for you. A win-win. Obviously it is a little weird for us to recommend other sites too, but we are confident in our service. Therefore, we advice you to try us out and maybe even a few others.

This way, you can make sure that you really are getting the best out of the best, Piol.

2. Airbnb

From the sublets page, you can enter where you need to remain, the foreseen begin date of your rent, and the length of your remain—which can be anyplace between about fourteen days and a half year. Results are recorded in a network design close by a guide.

3. Sublet.com

From the pursuit bar on Sublet.com’s landing page, you can indicate whether you’re searching for sublets, flat mates, outfitted condos, and that’s just the beginning. Enter the area you’re searching for sublets in, and your outcomes will show up in an itemized rundown expressing the value, address, and number of rooms and washrooms alongside pictures.

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